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Travel Tips and Vaccinations Needed For Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Travel Vaccinations

Often to escape the cooler months, we search for holiday destinations that help us to continue to live a beach-dwelling lifestyle we spend 9 months longing for each year.

It hasn’t always been at the top of the list of countries to tour but in recent times, the masses have flocked to discover the beauty of Sri Lanka. Located between India and Southeast Asia, the island is home to numerous world heritage sites and an extensive historical culture that must be experienced firsthand.

An experience you do not want to have firsthand, however, is contraction of diseases or infections. Whilst the landscape holds incomprehensible beauty and the produce makes for a tantalising culinary experience, Sri Lanka has its risks. It’s important to be aware of them and take necessary precautions, such as travel vaccinations, to prevent external variables from spoiling your fun.


Why booking travel vaccinations for Sri Lanka is important

Sri Lanka’s regional areas hold many opportunities for exploration and discovery, yet these locations can be favoured by mosquitoes which carry the threat of Japanese Encephalitis. Disorientation is almost guaranteed and this disease can be as severe as to paralyse the infected. The best way to reduce the risk is receiving a vaccination well in advance of travel and in addition, be prepared with protective clothing and repellent if available.

Repellent may not be as helpful when faced with some of the local wildlife, so when tackling the great outdoors of the beautiful Sri Lankan countryside – or even throughout the city – it’s best to avoid contact with animals. This is particularly important if you’ve obtained a recent wound that, if the animal makes contact with through scratching or biting, could result in contraction of Rabies. Aside from preventative vaccination, a ‘look but don’t touch’ strategy is best with unfamiliar creatures.

Another precaution to take with the unfamiliar is vigilance towards consumables. The fresh produce and local cuisine is definitely to be enjoyed by visitors but it’s important to be aware of the significant chance of ingesting contaminated food and water. Typhoid and Hepatitis are two of the most concerning diseases obtainable through eating or. As a part of pre-travel preparation, your doctor can assist in vaccines to fight them, however proceeding this, it’s always best to air on the side of caution.

The considerations of disease, infection and other variables that impact our health during travel, are present in a large proportion of the best holiday locations, worldwide. This shouldn’t stop us from uncovering incredible sites and experiences, however the team at Rokeby GP can ensure you’re equipped with the adequate information and travel vaccinations required for Sri Lanka or any other destination. Book a consultation to find out more or schedule your Sri Lanka travel vaccinations today.

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