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Detect flu fast with Rokeby’s state-of-the-art rapid flu test system. (Not currently in use due to COVID-19)

Rokeby GP believes it is essential patients receive fast and early detection and treatment for flu and flu-like symptoms. That’s why we have invested in one of the world’s most advanced flu tests, making us the first GP practice in Australia to use this advanced testing method.

How does it work? Unlike other flu tests that are either slow or inaccurate – taking more than three days for results – our Rapid Molecular Influenza Test (RMIT), sometimes referred to as Nucleic Acid Amplification Testing (NAAT), is a clinically proven test applied at our practice, in your consultation, with near 100% accuracy and within 15 minutes of testing, making it the fastest accurate flu test on the market.

The benefits of an RMIT will not only aid your diagnosis and improve your care, determine medication, and reduce the need for unnecessary antibiotics and additional treatments, but also reduce any economic and emotional costs, including further medical expenses and hospital admissions.

Our doctors will assess you for flu and influenza type symptoms, and with the added support of our RMIT, can help diagnose flu symptoms with certainty, comfort and convenience.

We recommend patients experiencing signs of the flu or flu-like symptoms book a Rapid Molecular Influenza Test today.


What to expect

At Rokeby, we are determined to make your consultation as comfortable and rewarding as possible. When entering your consultation for your flu test, one of our specialist doctors or nurses will run you through the simple procedure before administering a quick and easy nasal swab.

This flu swab is then molecularly analysed by our RMIT, which detects a unique part of the virus’ DNA molecules, before amplifying the information for accurate detection and diagnosis. Results take between 6-15 minutes before your rapid influenza diagnostic test is complete.

If you are diagnosed with flu symptoms, treatment will be issued per your health – whether the severity of the virus, age, pre-existing conditions and so forth.


Do I have the flu?

Influenza can be difficult to diagnose. Mild flu symptoms or severe cold symptoms can be hard to differentiate. Additionally, other viral infections or pneumonia can cause similar symptoms to that of influenza. In some cases, severe influenza can lead to pneumonia, febrile convulsions and sometimes death.

Influenza can be severe in anyone, and flu symptoms in adults can vary to that of flu symptoms in children, but the following groups are most susceptible:

  • those <5 years old
  • those >65 years old, and
  • those with chronic medical conditions


Common influenza symptoms:

  • High fever
  • Body aches
  • Significant lethargy
  • Often unable to work
  • Bed-bound
  • Sore throat


Common cold symptoms:

  • Runny nose
  • Cough
  • Mild fever
  • Sore throat
  • Mild lethargy
  • Headache
  • Cough
  • Vomiting


Rapid Molecular Influenza testing can add diagnostic clarity and treat influenza early, increasing your recovery and reducing unnecessary risk and infection.


Is there a treatment for the flu?

Antiviral medication can lead to a faster recovery from influenza – if taken in the first two days of illness. Therefore it is highly recommended that if you’re experiencing the onset of flu-like symptoms, to book a Rapid Molecular Influenza Test today to hasten an early and quick recovery.


Influenza Vaccination

Influenza vaccination is a safe and necessary flu symptom preventer, and is highly recommended for everyone six months and older. Unfortunately, despite being a free form of treatment, only 19% of children under five received the influenza vaccine in 2018.

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