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Free Health Check for 45-49 Year Olds

Free Health Check for 45-49 Year Olds

Rokeby GP would like to invite patients, aged 45-49 years old, to a free, comprehensive and full health check. So, why 45-49 year olds? Well, the Australian Department of Health categorises 45-49 year olds as the demographic most at risk of developing a chronic illness.

The health assessment is for a patient who, in the clinical judgement of the medical practitioner and based on the identification of a specific risk factor, is at risk of developing a chronic disease. A health assessment at this stage of life can assist patients to make the necessary lifestyle changes to prevent or delay the onset of chronic disease.” – Department of Health

As this is an Australian government health care initiative, your consultation will be fully funded by Medicare, and, as such, the patient will not be charged for the assessment.


What to expect in a Rokeby GP Health Check

Our health assessments are a comprehensive and full health check of your general overall physical and mental health. A mental health assessment and physical examination and health assessment is vital to identifying and preventing the onset of any chronic illness. These checks include a thorough examination of your diet, exercise, family history, and the review of any medication you may be taking. It may also include immunisations, type 2 diabetes risk evaluation tests and/or screening tests considered necessary for your age and/or health history.

Other components of the health assessment may include:

  • undertaking interventions and referrals where clinically needed;
  • delivering advice and information, including strategies to help improve a patient’s lifestyle and behavioural patterns;
  • write and record the health assessment, and provide the patient with a written copy of the health assessment underlying the recommendations covered in the appointment; and
  • if the patient is accompanied by a carer or guardian, a copy of the report or extracts of the report relevant to the carer or guardian.

This assessment is designed to detect, delay or prevent the current state or development of chronic health conditions.

Health assessments run for approximately one hour, including 30 minutes with a practice nurse followed by 30 minutes with your doctor.


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At Rokeby GP, we are committed to the ongoing care of your health and wellbeing, and highly recommended this free health assessment to all our eligible patients. We encourage you to make an appointment with us at your earliest convenience.

Please phone us on 9381 4880 to see if you’re eligible for our free health assessment, and ask our friendly staff to book you in for a 45-49 year old health assessment.

For more information about this Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) health assessment, visit the Department of Health website at the MBS Primary Care Items page, or phone the Department of Human Services (Medicare) provider enquiry line on 132 150.

For detailed information about item descriptors and explanatory notes visit the Department of Health website at MBS Online.


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