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How to choose a GP in Perth

What to look for in a medical centre

How to choose a GP in Perth

It’s incredible to think that many people will spend more time searching for recommendations on a reliable mechanic than they will choosing a doctor. Perhaps you’ve had a life event, such as moving to a new city or suburb, or having a child. At Rokeby GP in Subiaco we encourage you not to settle on an “OK” doctor. It should be someone with in-depth knowledge and a personality that suits you.

If you’re shopping around for a GP in Perth, we’ve compiled a list of questions it’s worth asking the clinic. You can also find out more about our Subiaco clinic doctors, here.

Can I get a doctor’s appointment when I need one?

Whether it’s taking a sick day, an urgent issue, or sudden illness, it’s important to know you can see a Perth GP when you need one. Rokeby GP patients have the benefit of knowing they’ll be able to get an appointment on the day if need be, taking the stress out of finding treatment or arranging a medical certificate.

Does the medical centre have a service in which they excel?

We know it seems like an oxymoron, but many general practitioners in Perth have specific areas of service that may be of value to you. For example, the team at Rokeby GP can assist with travel health including all vaccinations. Our Mole Clinic means we also have the facilities to carry out skin checks at the clinic.

What experience do they have?

The medical staff at Rokeby GP are regularly upskilling to stay at the forefront of the latest medical developments. For example, attending seminars around Australia to discuss mental health, including depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder. Many of our doctors have also had experience in obstetrics and antenatal care, further cementing our reputation as a trusted family practice.

What sort of experience can I expect while waiting?

A short one! Rokeby GP aims to achieve some of Perth’s shortest wait times for a GP. That’s because we exercise every effort to run a punctual practice. In cases where there is a short wait, you’ll find plenty of new magazines. Plus, our fun and friendly play space has made us a favourite doctor’s surgery for kids in Perth.

Does this medical centre work for me?

Choosing your doctor on their experience and personality is of the highest importance, but that doesn’t mean you should need to sacrifice other factors such as convenience. You’ll find plentiful parking at Rokeby GP, with many bays being 3-hours free with a complimentary ticket. We have short wait times for appointments, and all travel vaccines are kept on site for your convenience.

Can we talk?

You need to feel confident that your concerns will be addressed in language you understand,  making for a dependable, trustworthy and memorable encounter. We do more than provide patients with an immaculate and stylish facility; it’s about creating the optimal patient experience. Our receptionists, nurses and doctors will go out of their way to treat all patients with respect, patience and kindness.

There’s a reason we’ve become a central part of the Subiaco community; our friendly, welcoming experience is a pleasure for patients visiting for the first time or the fortieth.

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