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Travel Vaccinations and Malaria Advice for Your trip To India

India Travel Vaccinations

Of all the destinations that can overwhelm the senses, India takes the cake – or curry. As one of the most populated countries in the world, the bustling and busy nature of cities like New Delhi and Mumbai are bound to give you new perspective, force you to relax into the chaos and dive headfirst into this unique culture. Regardless of the type of trip, you’re interested in, India has it covered. From trekking and adventure to relaxation and spirituality; the cities are diverse and each holds very unique appeal.


Do I need anti Malaria tablets for India?

Whilst being diverse and exotic, India is often known for poor hygiene practices in many regions. Food and water-borne sickness and infection are common, as well as Mosquito-borne diseases such as malaria. Malaria is a relatively high risk all year round and can have a variety of symptoms, but most commonly they can present similarly to the initial stages of a flu. Despite seeming mild or manageable initially, these symptoms can progress to become life-threatening. In addition, if your trip is lengthy and you are venturing to rural areas, the risk of malaria increases substantially. Preventative medication is available – such as anti-malaria tablets – and protective clothing will help reduce your chances of being bitten, but it’s very important to discuss and receive malaria advice about the appropriate precautions with a specialist travel GP.


Are travel vaccinations and injections required for India?

The risks related to food and water consumption can be inconvenient but Typhoid and Hepatitis vaccinations in combination with general vigilance – avoiding drinking water from a tap, sticking to vegetarian meals and be aware of where your consumables are coming from – will reduce your chances of falling ill. Indulging in a foreign country’s delicacies or national dishes are all a part of the experience and India is renowned for the incredible fragrance and flavours of their culinary delights, but if you know you’re particularly prone to an upset stomach or fear food-poisoning, it’s best to air on the side of caution. The last thing you want to come in the way of you and the Taj Mahal is severe tummy ache or worse.

Knowing the implications or risks involved with travelling to India is not about instilling fear and taking the adventure or fun out of exploring this vastly diverse and unique country. Understanding how you can protect your health from external factors, including travel injections that may be available, will make you a smarter traveller and will only enhance your foreign cultural experience.

Maintaining your childhood immunisations and ensuring your flu shots are up to date, are paramount for maintaining your health on a daily basis, however, these alone will not protect you entirely when travelling overseas. Discussing the required travel vaccinations for India or other destinations – for a variety of known diseases and infections throughout the country – with your travel specialist GP will assist you in enjoying your trip to the fullest. Rokeby GP can make sure you’re equipped with the adequate information and travel vaccinations necessary for your destination.

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