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Your travel health essentials checklist

Your travel health essentials checklist

Travel first aid kit essentials for your next holiday

It’s the night before your flight, and like countless travellers before you throughout history, you’re conducting the infamous ‘did-I-pack-everything-suitcase-pack-and-repack’. “How many shirts will I need?”, “Do you think it will be cold? I know we’re in the mountains, but should I bring a snorkel just in case?”. Sure, we may always carry an extra 5kg of clothing we’ll never wear, but we justify it to ourselves that it’s better to be safe than sorry, right?

Well, how often do we consider whether or not we’re carrying the right first aid international travel kit with us when we travel?

What should we bring? If you were to pry in most toiletry bags, you would commonly find a couple of stray band-aids (which have been there since your visit to Brazil in 2007), paracetamol, maybe some tweezers, and the odd earbud.

So, what else should we bring with us to ensure we’re safely covered for every scenario?

Fortunately, our talented and knowledgeable team of travel doctors at Rokeby GP have done the thinking for you.

In addition to the below products, we have developed first aid travel kits containing prescription medications. We simply give you a prescription and you buy the kit downstairs at Friendlies Chemist.

Our gastropack contains all the treatments you need to self-manage traveller’s diarrhoea. For more information on what our gastropack contains, click here.

Our Corporate travel pack contains the above plus a very comprehensive collection of medications to cover all manner of illnesses you may encounter. For more information on what our corporate travel pack contains, click here.

The Rokeby GP First Aid Travel Kit Checklist:

1. Mosquito repellent/DEET

There are some countries where mosquitoes are capable of transmitting dangerous diseases such as yellow fever, dengue fever, malaria, chikungunya and Japanese encephalitis. We also recommend wearing long, loose-fitting clothing when possible.

  1. Sunscreen

Australia is not the only country in the world where sun damage is a regular (and serious) concern. Make sure to carry SPF 50+ and check daily UV levels, apply regularly, and wear protective clothing, a hat and sunglasses at all times (when necessary).

  1. Band-Aids

The staple of every kit, band-aids (of various sizes) should be kept clean, dry and on-hand (no pun intended) at all times.

  1. Contraception/STD protection (condoms etc.)

Be sure to carry your chosen form of birth control and STD protection with you when you travel. If you are in need of specific protection, our Travel Doctors are happy to help.

  1. Hand sanitiser

Although hand sanitiser is no substitute for washing your hands properly, there are some cases where we find ourselves during our travels, without access to soap or running water. Alcohol-based hand sanitisers eliminate bacteria, and reduce the risk of picking up any unwanted viruses.

  1. Diarrhoea relief (Pepto-Bismol or Imodium)

*Included in Gastropack travel pack from Rokeby GP.

Many who travel from Australia to developing countries can unfortunately experience traveller’s diarrhoea. It is often caused by contaminated water and food. Diarrhoea relief limits the symptoms – which can include abdominal pain, cramps, loss of fluid, and the frequent passing of stool.

  1. Motion sickness pills

*Included in Gastropack travel pack from Rokeby GP.

From sea sickness to air travel, motion sickness can affect many travellers. Through prescription and over-the-counter medication, you can limit the symptoms before the onset of motion sickness.

  1. Ear drops

*Included in corporate travel pack from Rokeby GP.

Many of us suffer from ear infections when we travel. This is due to exposure to bacteria or fungi – and we all know how crippling the effects can be. Antibiotic drops help eliminate bacteria and clean the ear canal.

Our knowledgeable travel doctors at Rokeby GP can provide you with the assistance you need to plan your perfect, healthy holiday – as well as provide advice (and preventative health measures) specific to your holiday destination/s (including medication and travel vaccinations).

We also offer a range of services and packages for school groups travelling as part of tours/events etc. Simply book a consultation with our Travel Clinic and rest assured knowing your health bases are covered.

To make an appointment, call 9381 4880.

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